Kalie , the ideal place for your rest
in the beautiful setting of Cagliari

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Where we are

Kaliè Rooms guest house is located in Via Ancona 2, at the corner with Viale Diaz. It is located in the city center of Cagliari, more specifically in the area of Bonaria - at the foot of the great Basilica of Bonaria - and strategically located with regard to the main interest points of the city:

-Distance from city center: 5 minutes walk / 2 minutes by bike or bus
-Distance from the train station and local and regional buses: 7 minutes walk / 3 minutes by bike or bus
-Distance from the beach Poetto: 15 minutes walk / 7 minutes by bike or bus

The district of Bonaria, apart for its strategic location, benefits from a quiet atmosphere that makes it an ideal place for your stay in Cagliari.

The city of Cagliari

Capital of Sardinia, Cagliari is its cultural and historical center, still showing traces of the many populations that have alternated in the island over the centuries. Located on the southern coast of Sardinia, the city benefits from a mild Mediterranean climate that makes your visit pleasant all year round. With a beach that reaches a length of eight kilometers - one of the most beautiful and longest city beaches in Europe, the Poetto - Cagliari combines the seaside reality with a rich and versatile cultural offer, thanks to its many monuments, its museum system (the richest and most important of the island), its wine and food tradition and the wide variety of events that fill its streets every year (the Festival of Sant'Efisio, the rites of the Holy Week, the literary and music festivals, etc.).

Castello, fortress of medieval Cagliari and for centuries home of the noble families connected to the rulers, is certainly the most charming district of the city, with its white Pisan towers and its majestic Spanish walls. Here the main places of cultural interest are located: Museum Citadel, Cagliari Cathedral, the Viceregal Palace, the Bastion of Saint Remy. Under the impressive fortified district, almost surprisingly protected from the busy city life, there are the old popular districts, that represent Cagliari’s most lively side: Stampace, Marina, Villanova.

The three districts, filled with scents, colors and splendour, are the heart of Cagliari’s nightlife and they are loaded with restaurants and shops. A few kilometers from Cagliari you can discover the many wonders that Sardinia has to offer: from the peculiar nuragic culture - masterfully represented by the UNESCO site of Barumini – to the deserted mines of Sulcis, from the famous and beautiful beaches of Villasimius and Chia, to the inner villages of the Campidano, Parteolla and Trexenta, where the wine culture is today a meeting point between tradition and innovation.